Mulberry Publishing is a new imprint with a mission to present high quality fiction with a difference.

The intitial impetus to set up Mulberry Publishing was to bring A Hard Fall out.

The long term aim is to print the excellent work that we know of languishing in bottom drawers.  For over 20 years we have been members of writing groups and seen beautiful, crafted books set aside because they did not fit in genres or  marketing niches.  Mulberry publishing will offer a chance for readers to enjoy such unplaceable, uncategoriseable, supposedly unsellable writing.

About Us

During 1607 and 1608, James I encouraged the planting of some ten thousand mulberry trees in the newly united kingdoms in a vain attempt to develop silk manufacturing on the sceptred isle.

Despite many Morus nigra (the black mulberry) being planted, the scheme failed. Silk worms feed only on Morus alba (the white mulberry).

The mulberry I see from my office window is, supposedly, one of the oldest trees in London, dating from that time. It’s a story I like to believe.